What a Year!

Today marks one year exactly since I started keeping this blog.  I can’t believe 365 days have past since my first entry, and to say that a lot has happened this past year would be an understatement. I also can’t believe that since I took to blogging, I have made 97 entries, with this one being number 98.

As I look back to where I was this time last year, I laugh because my feelings then were somewhat similar to my feelings now.  That is, feelings of a wide open future.  Feelings of an exciting tomorrow because there are so many unknowns and so many new experiences to have.

As you already know, the past 365 days have been filled with drama, pain and tears.  They have carried their fair share of frustration, awkwardness and stupidity.  They will forever be scarred with the dark colors of disappointment, confusion and just a little bit of regret.

However, it wasn’t all bad.  In fact, there are an equal number, if not more, of happy times that have occurred in this same span of time.  As I look back at the days that have passed since Alex and I split up (450 to be exact), I want to focus on the good and positive things that have happened and leave the unhappy thoughts for a rainy day down the road.

So in the spirit of my 98th entry, I have composed a list of the top 98 moments in the last 450 days.  I know.  I know.  It would be perfect if it could have been 100 moments in 365 days, but as we all know, life isn’t always perfect.

98.  Riding my BMW R1100S off the lot
97.  Carter’s birthday party
96.  Drinks at O’Briens
95.  Summer camp talent show
94.  Bible convention girls
93.  Team build at CJ’s
92.  Surfing the web at Starbucks
91.  Dinner at Remmington’s Steak House
90.  Acropolis Bar
89.  Miami beating New England on MNF, 12/20/04
88.  Breakfast at Waffle House at 4:00 AM
87.  Dinner at Gator’s with Ron
86.  College football games at Scott’s
85.  Coyote Ugly
84.  Road trips with Bella
83.  Oracle Open World party
82.  Monkey massaging my back
81.  Dinner at Roadhouse Grill
80.  Miami Heat playoff run
79.  Drinks at Tampa Ale House
78.  Bucs – Niners Game, 2004
76.  Christmas shopping with Lenny
75.  My kids sleeping over
74.  Motorcycle trek from Sun City to Dade City
73.  Drinks at the Diplomat Resort – Lauderdale
72.  Jet skiing at CJ’s
71.  Sister Hazel concert – Gainesville
70.  Thanksgiving dinner with Mikey’s family
69.  Salsa lessons at Hyde Park Cafe
68.  Racquetball with Ralph
67.  Breakfast at Village Inn – Pinellas
66.  Watching the NFL HOF Induction Ceremonies
65.  The dog beach at Ft. De Soto
64.  Trick or Treating with the kids
63.  The Dallas Bull
62.  Long dinner conversation at Carraba’s
61.  Homemade waffles at Miche’s
60.  Christmas dinner with Ralph and his family
59.  Noodle Salad conversations
58.  The booth/table at Blue Martini
57.  Super Bowl party at Eric’s
56.  Leaving flowers for my dad on his birthday
55.  Dirt bike riding at Croom
54.  The top level of TIA parking lot
53.  Margaritas at Tommy’s – San Francisco
52.  Jet skiing on Lake Thonotosassa
51.  Handprints at Chuck’s
50.  Drinks at Bongos
49.  The Roundup
48.  Elizabeth’s Confirmation
47.  Drink at XYZ bar – San Francisco
46.  Dancing all night at the Blue Martini
45.  Margaritas at Vallarta’s
44.  Walking Bella in the 3:00 AM fog
43.  Islamorada with Lenny and family
42.  Clothes shopping with an assistant
41.  Van Halen concert
40.  Crème Brule at Carrabas
39.  Movie night at my place
38.  Sushi at Ichiban
37.  Busch Gardens at night
36.  Boating with the kids
35.  Sister Hazel concert – Channelside
34.  That sushi place on S. Dale Mabry
33.  Motorcycle trip to Ciesta Key
32.  Dinner at Bonefish Grill – Pembroke Pines
31.  Maroon V concert
30.  ..more drinks at Bongos
29.  House sitting in New Tampa
28.  Thanksgiving Night adventures
27.  Memorial Day at CJ’s
26.  Natalie’s dance recital
25.  New Year’s Eve – BNL concert
24.  Margaritas at Chili’s
23.  My nephew’s birthday party at Crandon Park
22.  Phantom of the Opera
21.  That little bar in Naples
20.  Scrubbed shuttle launch
19.  Memorial Day W/E limo ride
18.  Dinner at Rattlefish Grill
17.  Blind Date at Lee Roy Selmon’s
16.  Sister Hazel concert – House of Blues
15.  South Beach with the Fellas
14.  Lyrics for Life event
13.  Boating on Father’s Day
12.  Dancing all night at Himarshee
11.  Breakfast at IHOP with my mom
10.  That ‘moment’ at HOB, January 1, 2005
09.  Michael Buble’ concert
08.  Motorcycle trip to Key West
07.  Watching the sunset at Caddy’s
06.  Downtown Disney with the kids
05.  All those pillow talk moments
04.  Friday, November 19, 2004
03.  A perfect day at St. Pete Beach
02.  Eating ice cream with my kids last night.
01.  Today, knowing I have the rest of my new life ahead of me!


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