Relativity and Eventuality

Everything is relative.  I was conversationally reminded of that this past week as I deliberated what I wanted to write about in this entry.  What seems like a minor inconvenience to one person may be a mountain of an issue for someone else.  Good and bad can, at times, simply be a matter of perspective.

The irony is that this theme is found in the plot of Star Wars Episode III, a movie I have watched a couple of times this week with my kids.  My son Daniel loves it!  I find it very interesting that as a child watching the Star Wars movies (now known as episodes IV – VI), I wanted so much to be Luke Skywalker.  Now, my son dreams of being like Anakin Skywalker (Luke’s dad).  Even after seeing how Anakin becomes Darth Vader, he’s still very fascinated by that character.

The weird thing is that as much as I made Luke a hero (Like Luke, if I could be like Luke. I wanna’ be, I wanna’ be, I wanna’ be like Luke…), it is Anakin the one with whom I relate the most.  Anakin is the one whose youth was always pointed out as a negative.  Anakin is the one who was overly ambitious.  Anakin is the one who was passionate, wore his emotions on his sleeve, and let his feelings cloud his judgment. Anakin is the one who pursued his love at all costs.  Anakin was the ‘chosen one’.  Now I know that I may be exaggerating in finding parallels between my situation and that of Anakin Skywalker, but then again from my perspective they are not that far off.

Another of the themes in E3 is that the prophecies said Anakin would be the one to bring balance to the Force.  He would bring an end to the Sith and restore order to the galaxy.  If you watched the movie, you know this is not the case.  However, if you flash forward to the end of Episode VI (Return of the Jedi), the prophecy becomes true.  It is Vader who kills the Emperor.  That action, coupled with the fact that Vader allows himself to die, does in fact bring an end to the Sith.  (And if I just geeked out my female audience, may I remind you that I ….. never mind).

This brings me to my dilemma.  Obi Wan did not survive to see the prophecy come to fruition.  Yoda did not survive to see the prophecy come to fruition. It eventually did, but they didn’t live to see it, so in their lifetime – or better yet in their reality – the prophecy did not come true.  What good is eventually if you cannot define what eventually means?  Eventually, the earth will get hit by a planet-killing asteroid.  This is a mathematical fact.  However, eventually is anytime between now and the next 100 million years. It’s like telling an amoeba, “Hang in there, little guy.  Eventually, you will evolve into a biped.”

Maybe this point is emphasized by the fact we live in a culture of immediate gratification.  Who has time to wait for anything nowadays?  Or maybe this point hits closer to home for me because I have been waiting for my eventually for quite some time now.  I have been waiting, knowing and believing that the self-proclaimed prophecy will come true.  I have been fighting off the voices from the ‘Dark Side’ that tell me if it were going to happen, it already would have.  This is the equivalent of saying you can’t find a $100 bill on the street because if there were one, someone would already have picked it up.

So why do I allow myself to continue to believe?  Why do I allow myself to continue to fight?  Because right now that is all I know how to do.  You can’t give up hope or give up fighting because you think that ultimately there is no point.  It’s one of those things where I can’t give up today because eventually might happen tomorrow.  Yes! I still believe that the action for which I am waiting will happen ….. eventually!  However, if I am not around to see it, does it make it true?  Does it even matter?


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