Thoughts on Love

I sat down this evening thinking I was going to write a poem about love.  I was having a conversation yesterday and I found my words were just flowing, almost poetically.  I remember thinking how this ‘concept’ in my head would make for a good poem.

But as I sat down to write, I just felt compelled to put structure around the ‘concept’.  I see now that in no small part, I use the blog entries to frame my thoughts and feelings.  I write to put my emotions in context and try to present them in the right light.  And that’s how I feel now about what I want to write.

Believe me.  Nothing I write is random.  I can’t imagine that anything that anyone writes, from a novelist to a columnist to a kid on the high school yearbook staff, no written work is ever arbitrarily random.  It is evoked by need, desire, circumstance and experience.  It is formulated by thought, idea and emotion.  It is expression, and that’s what I want to do tonight with this entry.  Be expressive.

Specifically, I want to express my opinion on love.  The key word here is opinion.  You may agree or disagree.  You may like or not like what I write, but the fact of the matter is that there is nothing truly factual about love.  Love itself is a concept that is individually developed by all people and, like the aforementioned works of writing, completely dependant on circumstances.

I do not believe there are any absolute truths when it comes to love, with the exception that it does exist in our lives.  Love has no shape or form.  Love is not bound by time and space.  Love transcends all of our understandings of life on earth and our existence in the universe.

Love cannot be bound by parameters.  Love cannot be scheduled or constrained.  Love cannot be held back or bottled.  Love is more elusive than air, yet monumentally more important.  Love is an endless horizon.  Love is ever expansive.  Love cannot be understood, but rather felt.

Love without appreciation is not love.  Love without respect is not love.  Love begets adoration and admiration.  Love begets pride and joy.  Love allows us to smile in the face of adversity and cry in moments of complete happiness.  Love is balance is our lives.  Love is turning your life around and helping someone turn around theirs.  Love is strength in the darkness and serenity in the light.

Love is the dimple that is visible only when she smiles.  Love is a set of eyes that speaks louder than a rally leader with a megaphone.  Love is a whisper in the middle of the night.  Love is a phone call first thing in the morning.  Love is a touch, a caress, a hug.  Love is a kiss.

Love is what you make it, and what makes you.

Love is God.


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