A World of Cliches

“Everything happens for a reason”.  I think we have all heard this phrase a million times.  I know I have written before that I believe everything happens for a reason, and that reason is not necessarily for us to understand but to accept.

“It’s in God’s hands.” Yet another phrase that allows us to justify and try and make sense of situations and circumstances in life that leave us wanting to say, “What the F…..?”  A reminder that we are all part of a cosmic play, each of us playing our part.  And more often than not, there are no retakes.  No, “Hey, can we do that part over? I messed up”.

Do you think in Heaven there is one giant blooper reel of people’s lives?  I think there is.  I think it plays on a giant screen in the recreation area of Heaven, right next to the ping-pong table.  So never mind the image of Winston Churchill and Ghandi playing ping-pong together.  Instead think about how many times segments of your life appear in Heaven’s blooper reel.  I like to think that I did not have many, that is until this past year. I think there is a special Director’s cut of my past 369 days available in Heaven right now.  I can just picture my dad up there closing his eyes as he awkwardly shakes his head and says, “Yeah….. that’s my kid.”

“..but life goes on and the important thing is to learn from our mistakes!”  Yes, I know that.  We all know that.  But it still does not make it easy to deal with or comes to grips with some aspects of life, especially when you don’t view your actions as mistakes.  I mean, is it a mistake to pursue a dream?  Is it a mistake to give it your all in hopes that you realize everything you ever wanted?  Is it wrong to want to be perfect, if only in one aspect of your life?  I don’t think so.  But when you pursue and you give it your all and you want and want and want; and still you fall short, there is only one thing to do…….move on.

“Shit or get off the pot!”  I know, not the loveliest of sayings but wholly appropriate in so many things we do.  I look back at the past 369 days with no regrets.  Not one.  Even the obvious mistakes I have made, even the decisions I have undertaken that have caused pain in other people’s lives; none of these take me down the road of regret because I have experienced so much that I can’t even begin to properly explain it.  My mistakes and my decisions needed to be made so that I can learn from them and be better going forward.  It’s all part of a greater purpose.  But as was made perfectly clear to me Sunday morning, it’s time to get off the pot.

So I look forward to the road ahead with an equal amount of anxiety and anticipation.  I trudge along stronger, a bit wiser, and hopefully a better person as a result of these past 369 days…..as a result of these past three years.  I look ahead at the rest of my life with the memory of something great and with no regrets.  Oh….. and with absolutely no desire to look back.


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