Mad Weekend

You say you smile when you look at me
The boy next door looking innocently
Don’t jump the gun, baby, not so fast
‘Cause everybody knows nice guys finish last
I think I’m done with playing that game
Looking so coy as I ask a girl, “What’s your name?”
No success with the nice guy routine
Gonna’ play it all cool, even learn to be mean
Unlike those ladies that ‘aint got no faith
I have belief in myself and I know I can wait … for
The situation when the time is right
And take a hot senorita for a fabulous night
No looking back, just forward and cruise
I got lots of love to offer and nothing to lose
You say you’re scared and I understand
But that fear is keeping you from having your man
Carpe Diem is what Chuckles would say
So I’m making up my mind to live for today
Watching ‘em line dance at the Dallas Bull
Elbow to elbow ‘cause the place is so full
Damn she’s hott, maybe I’ll take her home
At least buy her breakfast and then move on … to a
Margarita momma sittin’ right on the beach
So many hard bodies that are well within reach
The sand is soft and the stars are out
It’s a sexy-ass feeling and there just is no doubt
About what I want to do when she holds my hand
Kiss her soft on the neck and lay her here in the sand
No time now and we’ve gots to roll
In the sweet, black stretch ‘cause we’re looking to troll
Living life large and in a different way
From the same ‘ol same of the every day
Of working nine to five while I get my geek on
Now I’m in this limo and I’m gett’n my freak on
The hours fly by and I’m feeling spent
I hope I still got dollars just to pay the rent
But that don’t matter now ‘cause I’m having fun
Lounging by the pool, taking in the sun
My buddy’s grilling burgers underneath the tree
And I’m tearing up his lake while I’m riding his jet ski
I’m having so much fun like there’s no tomorrow
No hesitation, no regrets and no more sorrow
You know that this weekend was such a blast
Spoiled only by thoughts of the recent past
But life goes on and I’m gaming tonight
My boys are in action and they’re looking just right
It’s not a cure ‘cause it’s not a disease
You have to live your own life and do what you please
There is a little secret about getting through
It’s staying very tight with those close to you
‘Cause there’s nothing better than the love of friends
Who are there for you always, from beginning to end.


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