The Magic of Disney

I took my kids to see Disney on Ice last night and it was spectacular.  I consider myself a pretty creative guy, but the folks at Disney have it down to a science.  It’s amazing what those Imagineers can do.  From their movies to their theme parks to television programming, the enterprise that is Disney just astounds me.

But getting back to last night, I am still in awe at how well they took the story of Finding Nemo and transformed it into an on ice production.  As someone who’s seen the movie about 80 million times, I was curious as to how they would recreate the phenomenon while on skates.  Well, my curiosity was definitely satisfied, and I left the event thoroughly impressed and entertained.

From the costumes to the skating routines to the props used to make the story come to life, I was awe struck.  It’s amazing how they can take three-quarters of an ice rink and ACTUALLY make you believe you are staring into a fish tank!  I think I was most impressed by the two-person Bruce the Shark.  To perform a routine while skating in tandem with someone else left me flabbergasted.  Definitely worth the price of admission.

And these are the things we do for our kids, right?  Sure, that’s my excuse but I think I enjoyed it as much as my kids did.  Of course, there are the parental matters, such as snacks and merchandise, to which I need to tend (damn those marketing people!).  For example, this is me as I step up to the counter. “I need two snow cones, one in a Nemo cup and the other in a little Crush dude cup.  I also need cotton candy, popcorn and a second mortgage.  Um….. you take plastic, right?”  As an aside, never get your kids snow cones at events like this.  It simply ends up all over their shirts.

I do need to mention that not all of the entertainment was on the ice.  As was the case with the previous Disney on Ice events and the Wiggles – yes, I took my kids to see the Wiggles – last night was a complete MILF-fest.  At times it was tough to keep my eyes facing forward.   “What are you looking at, Daddy?”  “Um….. I’m looking for …… um …. the lemonade man. Yeah, that’s it!  The lemonade man.  I’ll get you some lemonade right after this thong… I mean song.”

Cotton candy and eye candy aside, it really was a great night.  I don’t get to do too many things like that with my kids, and I will make an effort to take them out more often.  It’s very easy to fall into the same ‘ol pattern of taking them to dinner at McDonalds or popping in a DVD.  Being out and experiencing new things with them is what will foster the great memories they will eventually have of their childhood.  And just like all things Disney, I hope all their memories of being kids and growing up are simply magical.

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