Beach Bum

I took the day off today and headed to the beach.  Those were not the original plans, but it’s good to be flexible and spontaneous when things don’t work out, and I DO live in Florida, so what the hell!  I am embarrassed to admit I had not been to Clearwater Beach since the Clinton administration.  Yep, it had been that long. But what a glorious day this turned out to be.

The weather was perfect.  It’s amazing how the sun can be so blinding off that soft, powdered-sugar-like sand.  The breeze coming off the water never stopped blowing, and God bless all the tourists who come to our beaches in their very tiny bathing suits.  Let’s just say the sun was not the only thing blinding out there!

Given that it was Monday, there was plenty of space on the beach.  I found a nice spot to park my gear and crash.  I know that objectively it does not make any sense.  The idea of lying under the sweltering sun, baking as the UV rays bounce off the water and sand.  But what a peaceful and calming feeling it is to fall asleep on the beach.  The sound of the water crashing on the shore always seems to drown out everything else.

After the first of many good and relaxing naps, I went for a walk.  As I walked and walked and walked, I realized how symbolic my little trek had become.  Whereas my nap on the sand helped me reset my mind and not think of anything, this walk helped me reset my soul.  It allowed me to actually and metaphorically put things behind me.  I was able to walk away from the noisier and more crowded hotel area and along the beautiful houses that adorn Clearwater Beach.  Furthermore, the walk helped me realize that in order to move forward in life, I need to put behind me the circumstances and issues that are weighing me down.  And I think I did some of that today.

I found my way back to my stuff and spent the next couple of hours taking in all the beach has to offer.  A casual swim, a tantric stare into the horizon, another lazy, under-the-sun nap.  As I was leaving, I passed along a couple that was getting married on the sand behind one of the hotels on the beach.  I thought about how courageous you have to be to plan a wedding on the beach given there are so many things that can go wrong.  But I guess that part of being in love is having the strength to put your faith into the idea that everything will work out.

And sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.  There are no guarantees in life, but every now and then you get blessed with perfect weather, perfect conditions and perfect results.  Like Wayne Gretzky said, you miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take.  So whether you are planning for tomorrow or reacting to today, have faith in your feelings and go for it all.  Life is short and “What If’s” don’t make you wiser, just older.

KML…..always remember that the answer to whether or not your path is the right one lies not in the thoughts and opinions of others, but only in your heart.  May God’s grace guide you on your journey, and may happiness pave the road ahead of you, now and forever.


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