Land of the D

As a fan of all sports teams from my hometown of Miami, I have to say this is a very exciting time for all of us.  The Heat just completed a sweep of the Washington Wizards, and even though the Marlins have lost their last 3 games, they are still 4 games above .500 and boast one of the most exciting teams in the National League.

And the energy and excitement of these franchises, along with the other teams in South Florida, have one thing in common.  If sports in Miami were like Sesame Street, this year would be brought to you by the letter ‘D’.

Let’s begin with the fact that the city of Miami is in Dade County.  Yes, I know that technically the county was renamed several years ago (to Miami-Dade), but it will always be Dade County to me.  Or is that Wade County, as in Dwayne Wade, the sophomore sensation that makes the Heat electrifying, and so far in the playoffs, unstoppable.  D-Wade has not only given basketball fans something to cheer about over the past two seasons, he has carried his team on his back while Miami’s other superstar, also known as The Diesel, has missed the last 2 games.

The Marlins are also generating a buzz, primarily because of another 23 year-old sensation named Dontrelle Willis.  The D-Train has run through opponents, posting the best pitching record in the NL (7-0) and an anemic ERA of 1.08.  That’s better than Roger Clemens, and it should be mentioned the Marlins have 3 of the top 11 pitchers in the NL when it comes to ERA.  Who needs solid Defense when you have Dominating pitching?

Quite amazingly, D-Wade and D-Train were born only 5 days apart in 1982.  So far, that year has been a vintage year for Miami Sports fans.  Coincidentally, the Miami Hurricanes won their first College World Series in 1982, with the football program winning its first national title the following season.  With 9 national titles in 23 years between them, Hurricanes baseball and football have helped establish UM as a powerhouse in Division I (D-I) athletics.

I wish I can say something about the Florida Panthers, but as we all know the NHL made this season Disappear over a salary cap – excuse me, cost certainty – Dispute.  The only thing that is certain is that hockey fans feel that both players and owners are all a bunch of D-Heads!!

Then there are my beloved Dolphins!  We all know last year was a Disaster, filled with both Disappointment and Disbelief.  But any true Dol-Fan will tell you that we are looking forward to this season with Desirous eyes to see what new coach Nick Saban and 1st round pick Ronnie Brown can do.  And although no one can Divine the outcome of the season, a playoff appearance, which at one time was Demanded, would simply be Delighful.

Getting back to D-Wade, I believe he has the potential to become THE next major icon in South Florida sports history.  If there is promise of another athlete joining Dan Marino in Miami’s pro sports pantheon, that promise lies in Dwayne Wade.

Finally, I need to wrap up this entry with a mention to another D man, Mr. Dan LeBatard.  Back in February I barked about how Alonzo Mourning should not rejoin the Miami Heat.  Long story short, I was wrong.  100%, undeniably and unquestionably wrong.  Dan LeBatard, who is not hatable no matter what Tony Kornhieser may say, had it right all along.  And BTW, Mr. LeBatard, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the shirt you were wearing on PTI on Friday.

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