A Look

Ronan Keating sings a beautiful song that is on the Notting Hill soundtrack. “When You Say Nothing at All” is the name of the song, and it’s amazing. About as amazing as those silent glances described in its lyrics.

There is something incredible when you can communicate with someone simply by looking at them. The raise of a brow. The slight display of a smirk. The immediate intensity of a scowl. These actions speak volumes, especially when they come at just the right moment.

It’s a parent telling a child, “Don’t you dare……!” It’s a quarterback telling his receiver, “Go deep on this one.” It’s a boss telling her subordinate, “Now do you understand what I mean?” It’s a man telling his lover, “You are absolutely amazing.”

And although these situations occur in all facets of life, it’s those romantic situations that are extraordinarily special. It’s the unspoken words that tend to be the most deep and fulfilling. It’s the glance from across the room that touches you most. It’s allowing your soul to be encapsulated by another. It really is amazing when you think about it.

Just like how everything seems to slow down during a car accident, it’s as if our minds are operating on a different level. Is it that for a moment we are surpassing the self imposed limitation of using only 10% of our brains? Or is it that we are able to harness something spectacular when we combine brain power with the power of the soul? When we let go of all that is unimportant, make time around us stop, and focus on the energy of love and life.

It’s amazing how you can live a lifetime in the seconds of a stare. I think Levi’s once made a commercial on this premise. Two young adults in an elevators share a glance, and in an instant they see each other dating, falling in love, getting married and having children. It’s silly and breathe taking at the same time. It makes absolutely no sense, yet we’re left wishing we could experience that trill. That rush. That OMG feeling inside our gut.

Sometime we go days…weeks….months without that magic in our lives. Sometimes we forget what it’s like to be amazed, and we convince ourselves that the magic is gone. That the bag is empty. We tell ourselves that what once was is lost in the past, a glimmer in the recesses of our memory.

But then again, all it takes is one look.

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