Pick Your Poison

I love drinking.

Now hold on a second. I don’t mean that in an, “I missed my last two AA meetings” kinda’ way. I mean that from the perspective of appreciating a good drink at the right time. For me, drinking is very situational. And to a certain extent, I do need a drink in order to have a good time.

Drinking helps me loosen up and relax. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have a tendency of thinking too much, of over-analyzing a situation. I think I have a very good and healthy sense of humor, but drinking does me the favor of turning off that ‘uptight’ switch, thus making my sense of humor much more ‘healthier’ …… and at times, dangerous.

I am normally a beer guy. Bottle of Michelob Light and I am set. However, there are times when a beer just doesn’t cut it. Take yesterday for example. I was traveling from Tampa to Dallas, and I arrived to the airport way too early. So much for allowing for traffic. So I am at the terminal and I decide to grab a bite at the mini-Chili’s. For some reason, I just HAD to have a margarita (on the rocks, extra salt …. of course). And although nothing can ever top the margaritas at Tommy’s in San Francisco, this one just hit the spot. It was soothing and comforting and had just the right amount of kick to get me relaxed for my flight.

Once on board, I felt the need for another ‘liquid-relaxer’. So I ordered a beer. Once again, this hit the spot. The familiar taste on my tongue of fermented barley just made me sigh with relief. (“It feels so good on the lips…..”) And this got me to thinking of how we find sanctuary and comfort in food and drink. It’s Haagen-Dazs at 1:30 in the morning (straight from the carton). It’s the Beam and Coke at the company dinner. It’s the Vente Chai Latte at …….. well, there’s never a bad time for Starbucks!

Much has been said about obesity in our country, and people should be diligent about what they eat. However, there is nothing wrong with every now and again drowning your sorrows or escaping your frustrations or subsiding your anger with your food or beverage of choice. It’s something we all do, and we shouldn’t pretend like we don’t. We shouldn’t worry about working a really good buzz after a long week at work. We shouldn’t worry about finishing off an entire pizza by ourselves (or is that just me?).

Sure, there are healthier ways to blow off steam. But are they as fun as eating and drinking? Some people would say it’s crazy to seek refuge in the fridge or at the bar, but as Jimmy Buffet said, “If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane.”

Bottoms up, everybody.


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