Acoustic Sunday

I downloaded Sister Hazel’s acoustic EP of their Lift CD last night. What is it about acoustic versions of songs that just make them better? I love acoustic music. MTV Unplugged was the best show that network ever produced.

Anyways, there is something about listening to an acoustic version of a song that makes the song stand out. It’s as if the lyrics become more poetic. As if the humor and wit that is interwoven into the song is more evident. In essence, the song is more beautiful than ever before.

And there is something very beautiful about this Sunday morning. I grabbed my iPod, selected my recently acquired set of songs and took my dog for a walk. It’s a crisp 65 degrees and the skies are sunny and clear. The morning is full of potential and the rest of the day is ahead of me. I am thinking of getting back and getting my kids ready to go fishing. I am thinking of perhaps a motorcycle ride after I drop them off later this afternoon. I am thinking of maybe drinks with friends later tonight. Just beautiful.

I am thinking of the past couple of days and all the small, and not so small, beautiful things that have filled my recent memories. It’s lunch with buddies as we plan the final details of our upcoming big trip. And just so that we’re clear, Larry …….. NO SHOTS! It’s IHOP at 12:30 in the AM and the ironic juxtaposition of our waiter. It’s the Starbucks that’s 10 miles out of the way, and worth every extra minute to get there. Not unlike acoustic music, it’s seeing (or hearing) something in a different way. Although it’s very familiar or well known, it’s still very new and inspiring and ……. beautiful.

For a while I felt like the guy in the SH song Another Me. “I’m waiting for another me / One that can change the pain of yesterday / Carry me through another day / And I’m waiting for another me / One in between the burn / And the lessons learned / ‘Cause being me ain’t no way to be”. But I think one of the secrets in life is to find the beauty that is in the little things. It’s the everyday stuff, both experienced and yet to be shared, that make life worth living. And although life has its ups and downs, the little things will always help you get back up.

So here’s to whatever it is in your life that keeps you going. Be it fishing with your kids, listening to your favorite band, or candle light, Barry White and candy-apple, screw top wine……..there is beauty in everything we do. And this translates to beauty in who we are. And like acoustic music, sometimes making things simpler is all you need to do to make it more beautiful.


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