My Tyler

I think I have a new favorite movie. Well, maybe not favorite, but definitely top 5. The movie is ‘Fight Club’, and it is twisted, demented and gratuitous, and I love it. Why? Pfffffff…….. where do I begin?

Is it because it’s so messed up? Is it the idea of a schizophrenic sociopath driven to the edge of reason and sanity by all that is routine and mundane? Is it the clever writing found in the movie, wit begetting wit, story telling from an ‘inside-joke’ perspective? Is it the brilliant acting on the part of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt? And speaking of….. not that I am gay or anything, but if I ever were to be……. Brad’s gotta’ be near the top of the list.

Anyways, this movie is brilliant. It challenges us to question what it is we hold so dear. “It is in losing everything that we can finally be free.” Is this true? “You are not someone special.” Is this true? To paraphrase a line from my kids’ new favorite movie, ‘The Incredibles’, “Saying that everyone is special is just another way to say no one is.”

Yes, ‘Fight Club’ is laced with a socialistic agenda. Yes, it is far-fetched. Yes, it is grossly entertaining in a Y-chromosome kinda’ way. But the writing, as well as the entire movie, has substance. We live in our worlds, seeking a perfection we will never find. We create lives and surround these lives with all things pretty and all things wonderful, so as to block out the harsh reality that exists in places far, far away.

We hope and pray this dark reality will never catch up with us. Like a tumor we hope does not grow or spread. We ignore the pain and suffering so as to go on with our own lives, happy and content in our blankets of convenience and self importance. Are we really outrunning the darkness, or merely making temporary the happiness of our coexistence?

Too deep for you? To different from the other stuff I have written? Has this now become something for you and less of a thing for me? This? This blog? These entries? Why do I write? Why do I share? Why do I bother????????

……………..because if I don’t, my Tyler Durden will take over. If I don’t, I become that guy I don’t want to be. If I keep the rage and pain and loneliness and despair bottled up inside, I don’t know where I end up or who I would become.

It’s not all bad and it’s not all dark, though. Like so many things in life, there are ups and there are downs. I deal with my downs by writing….by expressing… sharing. And it is you all (KML, Sneakie, leelee, Mrs. Call, Miche, former-Remis, Professor Oracle …… everyone!) that bring me back up.

I write for me and I write for you. I write because of me and, individually, because of you. And I thank you all for allowing me to be, in a small and sometimes distant way, a part of your life.


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