Just Awesome

To say last night was life defining would be an understatement.  To say that last night was totally amazing would not do justice to the actual experience of the evening.  Last night was magnificent because I attended the Lyrics for Life charity event in Tampa and got to meet one of my inspirations and role models, Ken Block.

For those of you who don’t know, Ken is the lead singer for Sister Hazel.  Yes, the same Sister Hazel that just so happens to be my favorite band.  And for those who really don’t know, Ken founded Lyrics for Life after his brother Jeffrey succumbed to cancer.  In the past two years alone, Lyrics for Life has raised over $300,000, and the goal is to see that number increase in the future.

I am proud to say I was part of that effort tonight.  I am also thrilled to mention that I not only got a chance to see Ken Block perform, but also to meet him and personally thank him for the inspiration he has given me.  To call myself a writer would be facetious.  To call Ken a role model and inspiration would be 100% accurate.

I use my writing as a way of expressing my ideas, thoughts and beliefs. I like to think that Ken Block, as well as many other lyricists, do the same.  They use words and music to convey their feelings, experiences, and inner most thoughts.  It is a true gift to be able to do what Ken Block does.  I am humbled and amazed by the fact that Ken was willing to share a couple minutes of his time to talk with me and ‘just be a friend’.

I hope to carry the momentum of this evening to pour myself into my writing and finally start some of those projects I have putting off for so long.  I also plan to cherish the memories of the event for it was truly impacting and amazing.

If you ever get a chance to catch Sister Hazel in concert, do it.  And if you find something for which you are passionate, be it a charity, an organization or a person, pursue that passion with all that you have.  Allow yourself to be fulfilled in the knowledge that you are doing something rewarding and something that fills you with happiness.  Everything else is just static.

Thanks again, Ken.  The evening and the show were completely awesome!

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