Thank You

Do you know what the two most used words are in the English language?  They are Thank and You.  Really!  They are used, on average, 3.75 times more than any other words.  Hey, stats don’t lie. Look it up.  Heck, Citi launched an entire marketing campaign around those two words.  I guess it’s now up to 3.76!

And are there any more powerful words than Thank You?  Apprentice fans would say “You’re Fired”, but technically that’s three words.  Thank You is appreciation and admiration.  It’s understanding and acceptance.  It’s living a moment and looking forward to the next.  It’s so many things at once, that it’s almost a shame the brevity of the phrase overshadows the complexity of its meaning.

Thank You creates a covenant of meaning solidified in the honest communication between two people.  Thank You applies innocence and sincerity to a world that is all too often cynical and jaded.  Thank You makes a handshake firmer, a hug tighter and a kiss so much sweeter.

Thank You is a trip back to Margaritas for her and Beam and Coke for him.  To an arm around the waist, and a kiss never to be forgotten.  To a leather sofa and nothing but all day.  To a quite table in a very quaint Italian restaurant.  Thank You is also a fast forward to a life imagined.  To the many firsts yet to be lived, yet to be shared, yet to be experienced.  Dinners, movies and road trips.  Science projects, soccer games and laundry days.  Thank You encompasses all that was and all that will be, and brings those moments of past and future to the here and now.

With every Thank You we utter, we build on the equity formed in friendship, love and common, everyday decency.   We make better our lives by reminding ourselves that life is not only to be experienced, but also cherished and appreciated.  With every Thank You we make ourselves better people.  Stronger people.  More complete people.  With every Thank You, both given and received, we make a dent in releasing ourselves from the personal challenges that hold us back.

Like I said, stats don’t lie.  And there are no two other words that even come close to matching the popularity of the words Thank You.  Well, except for maybe I’m Sorry …… but then again, that’s three words.

KML….Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


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