Sigh of Relief

It’s funny how your mind can play tricks on you.  Even though every rational sense you have tells you one thing, there is always this little voice echoing in your grey matter telling you different.  Situations and circumstances that deviate from the norm are no longer seen as random, but rather as calculated and deliberate.

So thank goodness for sighs of relief!  For those reality check moments where you stop and think to yourself, “well that was stupid of me!”  And very few feelings surpass the pleasant and reassuring surprise that comes with a ‘sigh of relief’ moment.  It’s the 54 yard field goal attempt that just squeaks inside the upright as time expires (with all of us leaning for body English).  It’s your ride pulling into the parking lot at 7:00, even though your watch says 7:03 and it feels like you’ve been waiting an eternity.  It’s getting to the top of the bridge and seeing that the whole thing is intact.  OK, maybe that’s just me and my phobia of driving over big bridges!

So why do we feel compelled to think or expect the worse?  Why do we allow so much self doubt to not just seep into our minds, but take up residence!  Is it our psychological norm to be miserable, therefore making the smallest triumphs worth celebrating?  Or is it simply easier to be pleasantly surprised than it is to be disappointed?  Why do we allow ourselves to set expectations so high, or – again – is it just me?  I am starting to think it’s just me because if everyone else is running around with such crazy thoughts, we are all in trouble.

The bottom line, I believe, is that our need to doubt is not in a lack of faith in others, but rather in ourselves.  It’s the manifestation (I love that word) of our own doubts and insecurities.  What’s really ironic is that in not wanting to be let down and by allowing that “Omigosh!” mentality to kick in, all I am doing is disappointing those in which I have placed my trust.  The key is to remind myself that in the end, things will work out and everything will be fine.

Every problem has a solution, and the solution always starts with the firm belief that it can be solved.  This belief then grows into strength and trust, first with yourself and then with others.  I know this is all easier said then done, but when you look back on those experiences where you have pulled through and realize that you can and will once again make it, all that’s left to say is …… phew!

Day by day, we get stronger and stronger…..


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