Time for a Change?

I wipe a tear away from my eye, not because I missed the Sister Hazel concert last night at the House of Blues, but because today was the last column posted by Dave Barry of the Miami Herald.  For those of you who are not familiar with Dave Barry, shame on you!

But seriously, Dave Barry is one of the reasons I started writing this blog.  He is one of my writing heroes.  He is one of those columnists that makes me say, “Man I wish I could be him.”  Because what’s better than making a living by writing, well …. other than making a living playing beach volleyball?  (Two words ….. Gabrielle Reese!)

Dave is hanging up his column to work on other stuff. Usually lines like that are reserved for individuals who are politely ask to resign from their positions.  “Steve has decided to leave the company and move in a different direction professionally.”  That is usually interpreted as, “You’re fired!”  In Dave’s case, I am sure it’s a matter of needing time after 30 years of writing.

And what better time to make a change than a new year?  I spoke yesterday about resolutions and new beginnings, and it’s really funny how a short period of time – say, 24 hours – can throw a wrinkle into the best laid plans.  I will miss Dave’s columns as a source of inspiration, but we all draw inspiration from so many places.  Right now my inspiration is found in the memory of a glance shared.  It was short, brief and very rudely interrupted, but it was deep, real and magical.  You think you are past the point of no return only to have fate remind you that everything is not always clear cut.

I shed several tears last night and I thought there was nothing left from which to draw inspiration.  But with the help of family and friends and MANY cups of coffee, I was able to get my head back on straight and sort things out in my brain.  Dave is moving on to pursue other things.  For now, I think I am going to hang out and give the benefit of the doubt.

There were fireworks in your eyes and the Super Bowl is five weeks away.  Baby, we still have time!


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