Good ‘Ol Times

Growing up sucks, don’t it?  I mean, life was really so much simpler when we were kids.  With Peyton Manning breaking Dan Marino’s record, I started thinking about life back in 1984.  (BTW….I still think the headline to every Sports section in every newspaper today should have read, “Peyton’s Place in History!”).

But life 20 years ago was not like it is today.  Granted, in 1984 we had to deal (as kids) with the threat of World War III with those nasty Russians, we were just 3 years removed from the Adam Walsh abduction (and consequently more aware of child abduction), and we had no idea how we could ever wait for the rumored prequel to the Star Wars trilogy!  Nevertheless, life was easy.  For me, it was Boys Club football on Saturday afternoons, watching the Dolphins go to the Super Bowl (yes, I still hurt from that loss), and Ronald Reagan crushing Mondale (it doesn’t get more one-sided than 525 – 13 in the Electoral College!).

It was a Friday night line-up of Knight Rider, Stingray and Miami Vice (the hottest cars on TV)!  It was Family Ties and the A-Team!  It was not worrying about stuff like retirement plans, college investment accounts and gas prices.  It was not worrying about mortgage payments, rent payments and alimony payments.  The biggest decision was whether to play in the park or hang out at the neighbor’s house.  Now it’s whether to move on with life or wait for the woman you love and cherish to make up her mind.  Like I said, growing up sucks.  But I guess that is the entire experience of growing up.

Funny how I look back now and really identify with a song from that time.  The song is New World Man by Rush (Yes, I know that song came out in 1982, but work with me!).  “He’s got to make his own mistakes / And learn to mend the mess he makes / He’s old enough to know what’s right / But young enough not to choose it / He’s noble enough to win the world / But weak enough to lose it”.  All I can say is, “Ain’t that the truth?”

“He’s got a problem with his power / With weapons on patrol / He’s got to walk a fine line / And keep his self-control”.  Easier said than done, my friend.  I am not sure if I am a new world man or not, but I do know this is a new world for me.  I don’t know if I can keep that self control and walk that fine line …. be patient and wait for that call (ANY call!) …. but I know there is no going back to the good ‘ol days.  Like I said yesterday, maybe it’s all about new beginnings (and growing up some more), but I guess only time will tell.

PS. KML, it would be really nice to hear from you…..


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