Is It In You?

I titled this entry “Is It In You?” First of all, I would like to tell the Gatorade folks to calm down. No one reads this blog anyways. But seriously, the question is not without merit. What drives you? What keeps you going? What allows you to toil through a repetitive cycle of seconds becoming minutes becoming hours becoming lifetimes? For some people it’s their kids. For others it’s financial gain. For me, right now, it’s hope. Lots of hope. Star Wars Episode IV kinda’ hope.

And this hope is a combination of a lot of things. Hope of turning the corner professionally. Hope of rediscovering a spiritual direction. Hope of realizing a dream that at many times can be consuming. It’s the idea that today is the day I make my mark at work. Today is the day I get that phone call I have been waiting for. Today is the day that something big happens in my life.

And it’s sad to think about people who live with out hope. Is that even possible? If you have no hope, can you truly be alive? I guess everyone is driven by hope in some way or another. Hope can be such a powerful thing. As I write this, I am watching a show on Vietnam fighter pilots. When they were shot down, all they had was hope. As a parent, you always hope for the best with your kids. Hope is ever present, and hope gives us the strength and courage to press forward.

And in many ways it’s this courage that makes hope possible. When you are sitting behind a wall of fear, you need courage to take that first brick down. And once you do, you start hoping that you can do that again, until brick by brick you have torn down that wall and are able to truly live and experience your life. It may not be a quick or easy process, and some bricks may be harder and more painful to remove. But the tough times, although painful, are temporary and the hope of achieving that special something with that special someone makes it all worthwhile.

There are no certainties in life, except for death, taxes …. and hope. Because without hope, life is not worth living.


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