Getting Plugged In

As you may already know, I was in San Francisco last week. What you may not know is I am a techno-gadget geek, so between my laptop, PDA, cell phone and iPod I was constantly looking for somewhere to plug in. I have a Juice universal charger from iGo to keep me, and all my devices, up and running. I am the person for which that special section in the back of airline magazines regarding electronic devices was written.

Well, it just so happens that in the midst of digitally coordinating my itinerary between my laptop and PDA, and across three time zones, I had a snafu and missed my flight out of San Fran. I thought it peculiar that I could leave at 2:00 PST and arrive in Tampa at 8:30 EST. So let this serve as a reminder, always double check and confirm your flight departure information the night before. And instead of making it back in time to watch Ocean’s Twelve on opening night, I had to stay the night in Dallas.

Thankfully, I have family in Dallas and they were very pleased to scramble last minute and be inconvenienced by my brain fart. (Thanks, guys. I owe you huge!!!!). Nevertheless, it was great seeing them, albeit for all of 7 hours. It’s important to note I did not stay with just any, ho-hum family member, I stayed at my cousin’s house. She happens to be my Godmother and her daughter is my Goddaughter, which I guess makes her her daughter’s Godgrandmother. And yes, that made my brain hurt, too.

My Godmother was very influential in my life when I was growing up, and I realized that I was very out of touch with my Goddaughter and what she is into, which right now includes all things animals and anime (and to clarify, she is NOT Kagome!). I realized that I need to do a better job staying in tune with her and being there for her the way her mom was (and always is) there for me. I realized that my flight ‘situation’ was God’s way of reminding me to plug in again with my family. After all, nothing can get us charged up (both good and bad) like family, right? I’ve written before that God works in mysterious ways, and this is just another example.

I guess I needed a reminder that on the road to wherever, you need to pull over sometimes to reset and get back to basics. To get back to that place that defines you. To remember to come out from hiding and spend some time on base, safe from those things out to get you. So as you bustle around in life checking your PDA while listening to you MP3 and IM’ing your GF to tell her the battery on you Mac was DOA, try and find some time for a personal CTRL+ALT+DEL. ‘Cause if there is something we can learn from Bill Gates, it’s that a simple reboot solves most of our problems.


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