I Left My Heart

As I wrap up my week in San Francisco, I need to begin by saying this was a great trip. And not just because of the Oracle conference (as an aside, if you ever want to see how a company can go all out to put on a show, make it a point to attend Oracle Open World next year), but because of all the people I met who made this trip nothing but memorable.

I wrote in previous entries about friendship and companionship. I will always remember this trip not because I got a chance to see three big time CEO’s (Carly Fiorina, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison), but because of the new friends I made while here in S.F. I want to take a moment to thank them personally for making this week such a memorable experience.

First, thanks to everyone at the ‘fun’ table. Jack, your words of wisdom serve as a reminder of how great things can be. It’s a fond look back at the glory days of fGTE, and I hope to foster our relationship for many years to come (or at least until July 1). Kirti, another one of the good guys, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I am sorry I missed your presentations (although it would have been over my head anyways), but I will be sure to pick up a copy of your book when I get back. James, thanks for the insight into what you do, and thanks for making me feel like a very valued customer. I won’t hold it against you that you are a Huskie.

I move on to those at the REAL fun table (XYZ Bar) ….. Jason, very cool meeting you. I hope that I can be such a sharp and snazzy dresser when I grow up. And there is nothing wrong with fat Chandler. Rick, thanks for the drinks. And thanks for the drinks. And BTW, I just ordered 2 more Grey Goose and Red Bull against your tab. Thanks again for the drinks. Kelly …. what can I say? It’s refreshing to meet someone who shares the same management philosophy AND can quote just about every movie ever made. Remember, Single A Wichita (ME), New York Yankees (YOU). I am so not worthy. But seriously, best of luck with the L.A. thing, and tell Misty May I say hi.

Finally, I have to give special props to my two personal tour guides.

Peter, who would have thunk a phone call about MetaLink ID’s would turn into such a good and promising friendship? I can’t begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for taking the time to show me around and really make this week great (thank goodness for expense accounts!). We’ll always have walks on the beach, Margaritas at Tommy’s and stories about the ‘Pipeline’. OK, that is the gayest thing I have ever written, and my man crush officially ends when I get on my plane! <laugh>. Best of luck with all your ventures, and I am sure you will continue to find success in all you do.

Bernadette, mi prima, not only did you make this trip possible, you made it spectacular. You took time out of your schedule (thanks again, Kelly) to make sure I got a chance to see the city and have something to do. We clicked from the get-go, and I know this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Thanks for all the insight, for the personal attention, and for continuously feeding me on this trip (or should I thank Uncle Larry for that?). I have to say that you have not experienced San Francisco until you experience while riding shotgun in the Redcomvee. I am sure you, too, will find success in everything you do, and who knows, maybe I will see you celebrating in the winner’s circle at Daytona some day? Keep smiling, keep running, keep praying and definitely keep away from 12-year guy <awkward moment>. Bust most importantly, keep in touch.

As I finish up the thank you’s, I am obliged to mention that very special someone who just absolutely captivated me…..well, for fifteen minutes at least. To Oracle Mary, we’ll always have Rick’s bar tab!


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