So I am in San Francisco on a business trip. I know what you are thinking, but seriously it’s business. I have had time to walk a bit around the city, and there is a something to be said about the sense of romance that exists in San Fran. It’s as if it is in the air …. or maybe it’s just the Old Spice. But walking around on my own got me to thinking about how experiencing something new is just not the same when you experience it on your own.

Which got me to thinking about companionship. Which also got me to thinking about that line from Jerry Maguire. “He doesn’t know how to be alone.” Which got me thinking about why would anyone want to be alone? I mean, I understand that everyone needs personal time every now and then, but isn’t life better experienced when you are with someone? From partnerships to friendships to marriages, we find ways to keep people in our lives. And it’s not just a symbiosis thing. It’s a “This is just not as fun when I’m by myself thing.” ….. <OK, Leigh. Get your mind out of the gutter!>

I think we need companionship in our lives. Be it casual acquaintances or life partners …. umm, did I just say life partner. I meant soul mate. Boy, I need to get out of SF!! Anyways, I think we all need someone in our life with which we bounce our ideas, express our frustrations and share our secrets. We need to surround ourselves with people who think like we do, and yet disagree with our points of view. We are all social creatures and to live a life without some form of companionship is to truly be alone.

Whether we admit it or not, other people make us better. We learn from their stories, we share in their experiences, and we grow from our exposure to the wide variety of people who come into our lives. Some are short lived and simply in passing. Others leave an indelible mark in our lives and have the capacity to change our lives altogether. So from the people whom you find interesting, to those who make you laugh, to that special someone who owns your heart, don’t forget that experiences are made better when they are shared.


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