24 Hour Serenade

From time to time my thoughts, feelings and emotions will all come together, and I want to be sure I can remember them all.  The following is just something I needed to capture.

For 24 hours I was king of the world
On top of the mountain ‘cause you were my girl
For 24 hours everything was right
Because of a phone call, and one spectacular night

For 24 hours I was complete and made whole
By the promise you made to never let go
You chose with your heart and now you were mine
Together forever with nothing but time

But fear is the enemy of everything right
And life seemed to change just overnight
And now the confusion sets in again
It needs to find room amongst all the pain

In 48 hours I was all turned around
Tears of joy turned to sorrow, and now fall on the ground
Pick up the pieces, or so they may say
Learn to let go, just get through today

Though the road seems eternal with obstacles abound
I will press on forward to keep myself sound
Relearn what was simple and not give it thought
To focus on positives and not be distraught

I want to listen to music and not shed a tear
‘Cause there’s memories of you in all that I hear
I want to walk on the beach and learn to just be
‘Cause there’s an image of you in all that I see

But saying goodbye is step number one
I need to appreciate the love and the fun
The mutual outlook which brought us together
The wonderful memories that live on forever

I want to thank you for everything that you gave to me
Because I am now the man you taught me to be
I want to thank you for all of which now I am better
A parent, a friend, a neighbor, a lover

So I hope as we move on you have no regrets
Know that I am not bitter and I’m not upset
Our loved blossomed and bloomed, like a bright, springtime flower
And brought us together for at least 24 hours.


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