How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s not the destination, but rather the journey that matters.”?  For me, it a phrase I love to hate, especially when you define the destination as happiness.  What is happiness?  How do you know that you really are happy?  And it’s really amazing the amount of emotional equity we can place on the concept of happiness.

What really gets me is that happiness can manifest itself in so many ways.  The birth of a child, a long-deserved promotion, that intense stare from the special someone in your life, and, of course, Josh Beckett tagging out Jorge Posada in the bottom of the ninth in game 6 of the 2003 World Series … IN YANKEE STADIUM!!!  (ahhhh…..good times!).  And just as quickly as happiness can intoxicate you at any given moment, poof …. it’s gone.  Gone and leaving you with a sobering hangover of what once was (see winter of 1997 for the aforementioned Florida Marlins).

So why do we place so much emphasis on something so fleeting?  Why do we invest so much time on something that can be so temporary?  Why do we embark towards a destination knowing full well the arrival is not an arrival, but rather a pit stop?  It’s like a perpetual NASCAR race ….. hit the gas, turn left and try not to crash.  And just like on the speedway, when you crash, it tends to be spectacular.

Nevertheless, we make happiness the ultimate goal in life.  “I took a pay cut to come here, and the benefits stink … but I am happy.”  Happiness trumps everything.  Happiness blankets all the little negatives in life.  Happiness makes complication and irrationality acceptable.  Happiness, not religion, is the opium of the masses.  And I am hooked.

From the smile on my daughter’s face, to recognition for a job well done, to the compliments I have received from friends regarding previous blog entries, I need an ounce of happiness in my day, everyday.  Who doesn’t?!?!  And happiness should be the goal.  Happiness should be the standard.  Happiness should be our norm, if for no other reason than the continuous raising of the bar we use to define happiness makes us all strive for betterment in our lives.  The best part of happiness is that it is unique for everyone yet common to all.  Happiness is a truly universal concept that in a special way connects every person on Earth.

So if you find something or someone that makes you happy, cherish it, celebrate it and hold on tight.  Let it captivate you.  Never be afraid to be happy, and never be ashamed to pursue that which brings happiness into your life.

PS. KML, I hope you find that inner happiness you seek.  May your journey always be more rewarding than the destination.


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